Our Services include but are not limited to:

 Program, Initialize & Recoding:

* SRS Control Module   * ECM Control Module   * Transmission Control Module   * Tire Pressure Monitoring System

* Active Headlight System   * Leveling Stability System   * Door Glass   * Seats Occupation Sensor   

* A/C Units    * Radio    * Safety Systems

Diagnosis & Reset Trouble Codes:

* SRS Airbag System    * VSS System    * ABS System    * ASR Traction Control System       * Check Engine Lights   

* Hybrid System    * Hybrid System Malfunctions   

Complete Installations:

* Dash Boards    * Curtain Shield Airbags    * SRS System Components     * Headliners    * Hybrid Battery Cell R&I   

* Sensors & Other Componests

Air Conditioning Systems:

* A/C System Diagnosis    * Reset & Program A/C System   * Freon Discharge & Recharge


Can I Replace My Own Air Bags?

SRS system technology being used on all vehicles today is much more sophisticated and tricky then ever before.  All components in the SRS system must match the control module exactly or the airbags might not deploy in a case of a collision.  Vehicle Identification number(VIN) plays a big roll in the components you install on your vehicle as well.  At times, the VIN needs to be programmed in the new control modules for it to be recognized and operate properly

Approximately 19% of passenger car fatalities occur as a result of side collisions, ranking them second after frontal collisions. Of these, approximately 77% result in passenger injuries to the head, chest, neck or face.  This fact has led to the development of SRS curtain shield airbags, SRS side airbags as well as some changes in the technology.  

Our Technicians are trained and educated to diagnose and repair all SRS systems to operate per factory design.  Why would you risk putting your client and their family in danger?  Have a professional diagnose and perform all repairs related to SRS system.

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